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Welcome to the Wild West…

Only this is a bit different. Someone played havoc with some supernatural forces, now we’re all feeling the fears. Fears of a long bygone time… Dead risen from the grave, creatures that just ain’t right, those things that you only heard in folk tales comin to git ya…

If ol’ Doc Rinehart set ya up ta make a character ask him fer yer sheet. Hes got it somewhere. Then proceed ta read the openin’ Weeky, Wookie, Wiki… whatever. I hear tell that Belle has her Character all set… Dunno if ya can see the whole thing but might be worth takin a look.

Anyhow, Things in Daton Nevada don’t be lookin so good… I hear there’s a train a comin with some honery folk on board who ain’t exactly who they say they are. Good Luck.

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